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2018 National Children’s Memorial Day


2018 National Children’s Memorial Day

Our homepage is temporarily modified for the month of December in remembrance of cherubs lost and in honor of those cherubs who survived Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.


The 2018 National Children’s Memorial Day is Sunday, December 9th. At 7:00 pm in each time zone, people will be lighting candles to remember all children lost. We are posting a very long, somber list of all the cherubs lost to CDH to remember these children.


After December 9th, for the remainder of the month of December, we are not only remembering these children but also honoring our survivors and their fight against CDH as well.


The World Census Bureau estimates that in 2014 over 360,000 babies were born in the world every day = 144 babies will be born with CDH every day. That is OVER 52,000 BABIES BORN EACH YEAR WITH CDH. Over 26,000 do not survive. Help CHERUBS fight CDH.


Almost 900,000 babies have been affected by Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia since 2000. This means that almost half a million babies have have been lost to this devastating birth defect. These numbers do not include those patients whose parents chose termination or those who were miscarried; the Census Bureau only counts those born. Over 800 babies are lost to CDH in the United States alone each year.



Every dollar you raise on your fundraising page goes towards our Candles and Snowflakes event. Double the donations tomorrow, double the candles / snowflakes by your cherub’s name!

The website is now dark in honor of National Children’s Memorial Day and the names of all cherubs’ lost (if members of our charity and we have permission to list them) will be on our page with an animated candle. Families and friends can donate for additional candles at $5 each. This is a great way to remember our children for the holiday and make end of year tax-deductible donations. Some cherubs have over 100 candles by their names by December 31st.

On December 10th, ALL the cherubs will be listed. Survivors will have snowflakes by their names. The site will remain like this until January 1st.

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