CDH International Participates in the CDH Study Group Conference

Members of CDH International attended the CDH Study Group Conference this month in Houston, TX.

President Dawn Ireland presented our research on the CDH Patient Registry. Josh Hensley spoke on the parent pane. And Vice-President Katherine Haney attended to learn more about the research site of our charity.

CDH Conference successes:

  1. 4 new collaborations
  2. 2 invitations to speak
  3. More than a dozen new contacts. (We know most of that crowd already).
  4. A big research project.
  5. Our first meeting with the CDH Euro Consortium.
  6. Found a hospital to take a very complex patient whose parents have been desperately searching for help for.
  7. The CDH Study group has a first draft of the new global standard of care for CDH. Any guesses who probably drove them to that? ?

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