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CDH International Raises $2 Million


CDH International Raises $2 Million

In 2015, CDH International officially hit the $1,000,000 in fundraising to much fanfare close to the time of our 20th anniversary. There was a big party, a lighted balloon event, videos and much celebration.

As we updated our 10 year financial look back this week, the thought occurred to us to see how close were are to the $2,000.000 mark.

We were in for quite a surprise.

In December of 2018, during the mad rush of the holiday season and end of year donations… the $2,000,000 quietly snuck up on us without a sound. Not even a small whimper.

So now, only 8 months behind – we celebrate!

It took 20 years to reach the first goal, just 4 to reach the second. It’s our goal to hit $3,000,000 within 2 years. But truly, these kids need $3,000,000 every year to begin to fund the research needed.

Take a look at our 2018 CDHi Report and see all that we do in 1 year. Let’s work together to make 2019 even bigger!

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