Featured CDHi Utah Ambassador Heidi-Marie Anderson

Featured CDH International’s Utah Ambassador is Heidi-Marie Anderson. Heidi is the mom to CDH survivor Valancy.

Heidi Marie is originally an East Coast girl, but “Third Time’s a Charm” finally nailed her down in Utah. She received her BA in English from Brigham Young University and her Master of Library and Information Science from Drexel University. She worked in a variety of libraries for 19 years, leaving her last position of Children’s Librarian to care for her first bio-child, an LCDH girl. Some other and mostly things about Heidi Marie: she has a stepdaughter and a stepson, she loves to sing and dance, she’ll take any chance to dress up (be it costume or formal dress), she has swum with dolphins and stingrays, she has 23 nieces and nephews, her favorite shows are mostly British, and she has absolutely no self-control when it comes to cheese and Papa John’s pizza.

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