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Featured Cherub of The Week: Ryan Mason


Featured Cherub of The Week: Ryan Mason

Featured cherub of the week is angel cherub Ryan Mason. Ryan is the son of Kaitlin Mason. Kaitlin had this to share about her son:

“Hello! My name is Kaitlin and I’m the mother of a non-survivor. His name is Ryan and he was born August 24th 2009.  We were undiagnosed at birth. He was airlifted from our local hospital to Children’s Memorial in Chicago where he was placed on ECMO. He was taken off ECMO around 16 days later. He was never stable enough to do a repair due to blood pressure issues. He passed September 22nd, 2009. After speaking with his doctor, she believed they should do an autopsy to figure out exactly why he was so sick. They determined he only had one lung (they thought they saw 2 in X-rays) and his small intestine had a tiny hole that was leaking onto his only lung, causing pneumonia and he was just too sick to fight it off.”

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