Featured Patient of The Week: Brock Jones

Featured patient of the week is CDH survivor, Brock Jones. The Jones family had this to share about their amazing son:

“Today I thought I would give some hope to some of you who are dealing with your child being diagnosed with CDH. Our son Brock, was an undiagnosed CDH baby. We spent 4 months at Shands Hospital under the care of Dr. Langham and Dr. Kays. We had our share of set backs throughout his journey and went home on a feeding tube.

As a young child, I would say our biggest struggle with him was that he was constantly sick with lung issues (not being able to completely kick a cold out fast) but by the time middle school came he had out grew most of those issues.

Today, he is a smart, strong, healthy 17 year old focusing on his future as a firefighter with only scars that show his past. I write today to let you all know that it can end okay. These kids can continue on to have a healthy life and do anything.”

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