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Research: Bochdalek Hernia


Research: Bochdalek Hernia

Bochdalek Hernia.


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2019 Mar 23.


Bochdalek hernia is a developmental defect in the posterolateral diaphragm, allowing herniation of abdominal contents into the thorax causing mechanical compression of the developing lung parenchyma and sometimes causing lung hypoplasia. As such, symptoms typically manifest in the pediatric age group and tend to be respiratory. Symptomatic adults are diagnosed rarely, with the majority of cases found incidentally. Exact etiology is unknown, though, both environmental and genetic components are favored. Surgical repair of the diaphragmatic defect is often the treatment. There are multiple chronic conditions associated with Bochadelk hernia and congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) which require surveillance and long-term follow-up from a team of clinicians.

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