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Finding out that the baby you are expecting has a birth defect is heartbreaking. You try to find out as much information as possible and have a hard time processing what the doctors are telling you.

We know it’s a very hard time. You rejoice and grieve all at once. You’re not alone. There are 100’s of families at CHERUBS who know exactly what you are going through. Browse our web site and meet other families. At CHERUBS, we are one big CDH family. Though we wish you had never heard of CDH, we are glad that you found us and we are here for you and will help as much as we can during your journey.

Please make sure to join the Forums to become an official member of the charity.   Membership is free and gives you access to the forums, the Facebook groups, events and more, as well as a care package full of information and items that you will need in the hospital.


Learn About CDH

Learn all about CDH, knowledge will increase your baby’s chances of survival and a normal life. We try to use the easiest terms possible here, so you don’t have to translate all the medical jargon.


CDH Parent Reference Guide

You can also find advice, sources of financial help and much, much in the CDH Parent Reference Guide.