CDH International strives to be as transparent and responsible as possible.  

Your Donation Dollar

  • With a 9% overhead and very upfront about our projects and employees, we answer to not only our patient families but 3 full Boards.  
  • We currently have 3 employees with far below median salaries.   Though certainly experienced enough, our employees are not at CDHi for salaries and all have volunteered for years before they were hired.  CDH International was run solely by volunteers for the first 15 years of our charity.   It wasn’t until we grew so big that a full-time employee was critical to our operations.  Our charity was created to help patient families, not to create jobs.
  • Executive Board of Directors with an attorney and a certified accountant.   All Executive Directors are business professionals, non-related and held in high esteem in the community.  The Board meets monthly and is very active in the operations of the charity.
  • The Medical Advisory Board is built of the leading experts in Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia who verify medical information we pass on to families, work with us on research projects and hold us accountable to keeping patients and research first.
  • The Parent Advisory Board is made of parents, grandparents and CDH survivors who work directly with families.  This Board deals with all on-line support, conferences, events, social media and more.   We work to make sure there is representation of the entire community on this board, including grieving families and fathers.   The Board puts their own journeys aside to put all the children first and equally and to build a safe, supportive and positive environment for patient families.
  • Annual independent audits that are not required but voluntary on our part to ensure transparency to our donors.
  • Annual financial reports as well as posted IRS returns so no one has to dig hard to find our information as we have nothing to hide. 
  • CDH International is an award winning charity, including the President Point of Light Award given by President George H. Bush.
  • CDH International is a Charter Member of the Alliance of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Organizations, holding every word of the Charter that we signed dear
  • CDHi is the only CDH charity that posts all financials publicly and undergoes independent audits, as well as the only charity with 3 Boards.   We go the extra mile to set high standards for all the charities that we mentor and for the patients we serve.

CDHi Guide

Click here to view the latest update in the CDH International Guide, including our Board Members, projects and financials and more. 

Annual Financials

CDH International US

You can find our financial reports below by clicking and downloading the .pdf files. Our Fiscal Year is January 1 to December 31st.

You can view our 990’s at

CDH International UK

As our NGO became approved in June, 2020, we do not have anything yet to report.

You can see our filings on the Charity Commission web site.

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