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Cherubs are all around us, but their struggles and triumphs often go unnoticed. They could be the newborn next door, the little girl playing on the swing set, the teenager in your child’s class, or the person standing in line at the grocery store. Their scars may be hidden, their stories sometimes difficult to discuss openly, making their miracles invisible to the naked eye. Many times, you might have mistaken a cherub for a “normal” person without realizing the battles they have overcome. These walking miracles possess invisible wings, and the grieving parents of missing cherubs silently mourn their absence.

Cherubs are present in various aspects of our lives, from familiar faces like bank tellers, to strangers holding doors, or fellow drivers at stop lights. They are everywhere.

Yet, unless you have been personally affected by CDH, you might not have heard of it. The mission of “Save the Cherubs” is to change that. Our goal is to make “Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia” a phrase that everyone knows how to say and understand. By raising awareness, we aim to raise crucial research funds to save these precious babies and, in turn, protect the cherubs that grace our lives. Together, let’s unite to “Save the Cherubs” and ensure that the world recognizes and supports those facing Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.

View 100’s of Save the Cherubs photos here.

Participating in “Save the Cherubs”

Who can participate?

Any members of CHERUBS, including both survivors and families of non-survivors. Siblings and other family members are welcome to be extras in the background of the photos. If you are not yet a member of CHERUBS, you can Join Today.

Will it cost me anything to participate?

Not at all except for a few hours of your time and maybe a little gas to drive to a photo shoot location.

Do I have to buy special clothes for the photo shoot?

No, models will wear every day clothes. We ask that models do *not* wear white clothing so the wings will be more visable. Wings will be provided either by the photographer or loaned out by CHERUBS.

How long will it take to schedule a photo shoot?

If we can easily find a photographer in your area, about 2 weeks. It may take longer if it is harder to find a volunteer photographer.

I know a photographer who will take my cherub’s photograph. Can I use him or her?

Sure, if he / she will agree to do this shoot and sign the necessary paperwork to do so.

Will I get copies of the photographs after the shoot?

Yes, the photographer will send you no less than 10 photographs for your own personal use. He / she may also sell prints to you if you both agree to do so.

Can I post these photos on-line?

Only for personal use (on your blog, etc). However, you MUST give credit to the photographer and it would be nice if you gave the Save the Cherubs campaign credit as well.

Aren’t these my photos to do anything that I want to with?

No, they are not. Copyrights belong to the photographers and we must respect that. CHERUBS has permission to use the photographs for this campaign. As a model, or guardian of a model, you have the right use these photos for personal reasons only. You cannot sell them, print them to distribute, use them in any other campaign, etc.

How do I get the local media to participate?

Call, e-mail, write – be persistent! This campaign IS a big deal! CDH Awareness is a newsworthy event! If you sent your e-mails / letters and didn’t hear back within a week – call them!

I want to see my child on a billboard!

How do I do that? Contact your local billboard company (the phone number is usually listed at the bottom of billboards) and ask them to donate space!


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