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2020 CDH Scholarship – Apply Today!


2020 CDH Scholarship – Apply Today!

Announcing the fifth year CDH International will be awarding a CDH College Scholarship to a recent 2020 high school graduate or a parent of a cherub seeking their first college degree.

A $500 scholarship will be awarded this September!

Both CDH survivors and siblings of a cherub (of non-survivors as well) who are recent 2020 high school graduates are eligible to apply for the CDH Scholarship. In addition, any high school graduate that is a parent of a cherub or a child of a cherub are also eligible to apply. Furthermore, any parent of a cherub seeking their first college degree can apply for the CDH scholarship as well.

For a copy of the scholarship application, please email the CPAB at cpab@cdhi.org. We will send you the application and answer any questions you may have.

Applications are accepted this year between July 1st and August 31st and must be accompanied by the following applicable items:
• Official High School Transcript(s) or Recent Report Card with GPA
• College Acceptance Letter(s)
• Two letters of recommendation. Letters must be dated within the last six months.

Rewards are granted on merit without regard to race, religion, creed, sex, national origin, sexual orientation or disability status. All applicants must be a current member of CDH International or have a parent that is a registered member of CDH International. The CDH Scholarship is not available to children of members on the CDH International Executive Board or the CDH International Parent Advocacy Board (CPAB).

Winner will be announced September 15, 2020.

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship or want a copy of the application, please send the CPAB an email, cpab@cdhi.org.

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  1. Allison Murray says:

    Who ever knew that my baby boy would be going to college? I remember, like it was yesterday, the day I went and paid for an additional ultrasound because I had just attended my best friends daughters funeral, who was due only weeks before my son. After weeks of observations of my friends daughter, she was transferred to Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans. It wasn’t until then, that this little angel was diagnosed with Noonan’s Disease and passed less than 24 hours later.
    After attending that open casket funeral, for my best friends daughter, whose oldest daughter and mine were best friends bc we were also pregnant at the same time with them, I went straight to my obgyn, demanding another ultra sound. I’d already had 2, one at 6weeks and the second around 16wks. They said there was no reason for another, because all was fine.
    I paid out of pocket because I was so traumatized by the death of my friends daughter. And, that was THE DAY that I saw that look on the ultrasound techs face. The first thing I asked was, “Is he dead?” She told me “no” but I did need to speak with my obgyn physician. I could tell by the look on her face that this wasn’t good.
    Because the town I lived in didn’t have the equipment to save my sons life if he’d been born there, my many physician meeting were in a town an hour away. I had to record every appointment so I could process the words saying that my son would more than likely not survive and, if so, there would be very challenging health conditions and the odds were very against us for survival at all.
    By the grace of God, he was a lucky cherub! I volunteered for some time for moms, like me, who didn’t find out until the later time of pregnancy. I eventually couldn’t do it anymore because all of these hopeful moms did not get the results we did.
    To this day, and for the rest of my life, I share the story that my best friends daughter, who passed from a very rare condition, is what saved my son from dying from one.
    His senior year was cut short due to the Coronavirus epidemic. I was so disappointed because I couldn’t wait for Jackson Gunner Griffin to be able to be acknowledged for being accepted into Full Sail University, in Winter Park Florida, and granted a $20,000 scholarship due to his grades and an essay he wrote for this scholarship opportunity.
    So now that we are just 2 months away from his first day, our income has dropped, I’m without a job at this moment, and his classes will be online until this pandemic is over. Just his tuition is going to be close to $18,000/semester. I wasn’t aware of that when he received the scholarship.
    Jackson will attend this college, I am reaching out to anyone and everywhere for any type of loan, grant, or scholarship I can get. If I need to sell my house for him I will. This is the child who came home from the hospital without one outfit, simply because I truly believed he wouldn’t come home at all.
    I have much respect for the Cherubs organization and have donated over the past 18 years. For CDH, & Noonan’s which saved his life, I’m hopeful any additional scholarship funds for JackJack, can possibly be considered.
    Allison Murray
    Mother of CDH Survivor Jackson Gunner Griffin

    1. Tracy Meats says:

      Hello Allison, please email the CPAB at cpab@cdhi.org for a scholarship application for Jackson. What a story to share about Jackson and how you found out about his CDH. If you ever want to feature your son as our featured patient of the week, please let us know. You can submit a write up of his journey and pictures and we would be happy to share on our blog and social media accounts. Let us know if you have any questions at cpab@cdhi.org.

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