2022 CDH Awareness Month Daily Challenges

Every day, we are challenging you to do something different to help raise Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness and funds!

April 1Join in the Virtual CDH Race for Research in Scotland!

April 2Start a Facebook Fundraiser in Honor / Memory of a Loved One Born with CDH (and get a personalized CDH Awareness profile photo for April!)

April 3Create a video for the CDH Research Conference and the CDH Telethon!

April 4Finish Your CDH Research Registry Questionnaire (and get a personalized CDH Awareness cover image for April!)

April 5Add virtual CDH Ribbons in Honor / Memory of a Loved One Born with CDH

April 6 – Celebrate Tartan Day with the CDH Awareness Tartans!

April 7 – Put a CDH Awareness sign in your yard / Change your (or someone else’s) porch lights to pink, blue and yellow for April

April 8 – Make plans to go see a CDH Light Up if one is nearby

April 9 – Ask your kid’s school to mention CDH in their newsletter / Ask your employer to share it in an e-mail or on a social media page

April 10 – Do the TikTok challenge!

April 11 – Use chalk to draw CDH Awareness images and phrases on sidewalks

April 12 – Paint your nails CDH Awareness colors

April 13 – Assign a friend a day to share a CDH post on your behalf to their friends for the rest of April

April 14 – Go live on social media and share your CDH story (and invite people to your FB fundraiser)

April 15 – Invite all your Facebook friends to watch the CDH Telethon, post the link on all social media platforms (www.cdhi.org)

April 16 – Share 19 CDH International’s Posts on Social Media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok

April 17 – Share a NICU Video

April 18 – Call into your local radio station and see if they’ll play your call on air.

April 19 – Replay your (live) CDH Story! Watch the CDH Telethon, visit a CDH Light Up, Fundraise, wear CDH Awareness Clothing!

April 20 – Share someone else’s CDH Story (with permission)

April 21 – Share CDH Awareness at work or school (hand out candy or cupcakes with fliers or info)

April 22Buy a virtual CDH Awareness Ribbon for a friend’s child

April 23 – Paint CDH Awareness rocks and leave them around your town

April 24 – Make a CDH Awareness Poster

April 25Join the CDH Angel Club

April 26 – Hand out copies of the CDH Infograph

April 27 – Write a thank you note to your favorite CDH doctor or nurse

April 28Plan a summer fundraiser for CDH International

April 29 – Make a CDH Awareness Cake

April 30 – Wear CDH Awareness clothing, make sure your CDH Research Registry Questionnaire is finished for a chance to win a $500 gift card to Amazon!

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