CDH International Partners with MyRareID to Help CDH Patients In Medical Emergencies

CDHi is very proud to announce our partnership with MyRareID.

Congenital DIaphragmatic Hernia is a not a well known medical condition and not one that is easily visible. In a medical emergency, every second is crucial and these patients have complicated medical histories. My Rare ID put their information in the hands of emergency responders and treating physicians within seconds.

With a medical ID on your person, your child’s carseat, stroller, medical equipment or anywhere near by, their medical information is always on hand. No longer do you have to carry around a 3-ring-binder or worry when they off at school or staying over with a friend or grandparent – if there’s an emergency, all YOUR knowledge about your child’s care, along with medical documents, goes with them wherever they go. Not only does this bring help faster, but it brings peace of mind as well.

You can also save time filling out information on the CDH Patient Registry by opting to give permission to share the information that you input at MyRareID.

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A portion of each subscription is donated back to CDH International to help fight Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.

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