CDH International Wins Rare Bottle of Bourbon

Buffalo Trace will has donated 400 bottles from its 6 millionth barrel to charities across the country in hopes to raise $500,000 for worthy causes. CDH International was lucky enough to be one of those charities.

“Each bottle from the Sixth Millionth Barrel has a beautifully handwritten description on the glass. The bottles in turn have been packaged in a numbered hardwood showcase box that includes a piece of the charred oak stave from the historic barrel and small brochure explaining the significance of this collector’s edition.

Buffalo Trace Distillery is offering all 400 bottles to charitable organizations across the country free of charge to auction off and raise money for their worthwhile causes.

This commemorative bottling of the Buffalo Trace Sixth Million Barrel will not be available in stores. Bottles will only available to non-profit organizations in the United States wishing to raise funds for their charity.

The charity will showcase the bourbon and it will be available as a casino prize at the 2019 Masquerading Angels Ball this Saturday night in Raleigh. 

The first person to win $30,000 chips ($3000 in dollars) and to “purchase” it, wins the bottle.  Opening or drinking of the bourbon is not permitted at the event so the winner will have to wait until they get home.

If no one wins it this weekend, the charity is working with a bourbon establishment locally to figure out the best way to offer it to the public.

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