CDHi Welcomes Co-Founder, Rhonda Montague, to the Executive Board

After 25 years, we are proud to announce the addition of CHERUBS Co-Founder, Rhonda Montague, to the Executive Board of Directors of CDH International.

“December 1992 and January, 1993 forever changed my life for the better and the worst. Preston Carr Montague was born on December 29, 1992. I was 2 weeks overdue, expecting a healthy baby boy. Preston was born 8lbs 3oz and not crying well, but trying. A code blue was called shortly after. He was stabilized and within hours transported to UNC-Chapel Hill Hospital. Where he received surgery for his diaphragmatic hernia repair. Later he was life-flighted to Duke University Hospital and placed on ECMO for 14 days.

During this 2-month time period spent at Duke Hospital, my husband and I met Dawn and her then husband, parents of Shane. That is where the absolute need for awareness, research and support for CDH families became paramount. We had very little information. Little to no hope. Our losses of our sons and the strong hopes that other parents would not have the much-needed support and information about CDH that all families need and deserve. This is how CHERUBS and CDHi began.

I have been with my amazing husband, Joe, for 32 years. We have four beautiful children and one granddaughter. I studied cosmetology and run my own salon. I also have spent the last 10 years and continue to run the office for JMHC, LLC my husband’s HVAC business. I have always been a savvy business woman and a caregiver. Someone who reaches out with no expectations. My heart is with all humanity, but I do have a very special place in my heart for CDH patients and their families. I look forward to being more involved and an intricate source on this board”.

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