Chat with CDHi – How to Participate in the CDH Patient Registry

Join us for a chat with CDHi on February 24th at 8pm EST. We will be live in the main Facebook support group,, to learn more about the CDH Patient Registry. This is an extremely important project that CDH International has been working on since 1997. Maybe, the most important work that we’ve ever done!

Gathering information on patients and families is the easiest, and most vital, way for us to not only help CDH survivors long-term but to learn why CDH happens and how to stop it from happening to anyone else in our families or to offer better treatments. This registry also includes your opinions on research, CDH International’s work and global awareness efforts.

You can participate today in the CDH Patient Registry if you meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a member of CDH International
  • Patient is over 1 year of age or an angel

Tune in on February 24th and learn more about the CDH Patient Registry. Furthermore, learn how to fill out your own questionnaire and contribute to CDH research. Together we can make a difference!

New questions have been added so even if you completed it before, please answer the new sections.

Everyone who fully completes the questionnaire will be entered into a monthly raffle for the next 3 months:

  • February 28th – $200 Amazon / Visa gift card
  • March 31st – $300 Amazon / Visa gift card
  • April 30th – $500 Amazon / Visa gift card

Finish in February and you’re in ALL 3 RAFFLES. Finish in March and you are in 2 raffles.

Every member of CDH International whose child is over 1 year of age or deceased has received an e-mail from (check your spam folder). Follow the instructions in the e-mail to access your information. If you have questions or need an invite resent, please reach out to Jason or the Support Department at

To read more about the CDH Patient Registry, visit

FB Event Page:

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