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CHERUBS and CDHi International/State Representatives and Ambassadors


CHERUBS and CDHi International/State Representatives and Ambassadors

Without our volunteers, CDH International would not be where it is today. Our volunteers are the backbone of the charity. If you are interested in being a part of this incredible team of volunteers, please email volunteer@cdhi.org.

The following is a list of our incredible volunteers and how you can reach them for questions and support:

Bermuda CDHi Ambassador:
Sandra Vance – sandra.vance@cdhi.org

Canada CDHi Ambassadors:
Amanda Plakholm – amanda.plakholm@cdhi.org
Terry Buchamer – terry.buchamer@cdhi.org
Julie Clarey – julie.clarey@cdhi.org
Whitney Reynolds – whitney.reynolds@cdhi.org
Kate Soltys – kate.soltys@cdhi.org

Denmark CDHi Ambassador:
Rikke Hammer – rikke.hammer@cdhi.org

Hong Kong CDHi Ambassador:
Maiko S. – CDHinHK@gmail.com

Italy CDHi Ambassador:
Giulia Collatuzzo – giulia.collatuzzo@cdhi.org

India CDHi Ambassador:
Shankari Murali – shankari.murali@cdhi.org

Mexico CDHi Ambassador:
Patricia Reina – patricia.reina@cdhi.org

New Zealand CDHi Ambassador:
Lisa Harris – lisa.harris@cdhi.org

Philippines CDHi Ambassador:
Almira Kate Eugenio – almirakate.eugenio@cdhi.org

Scotland CDHi Ambassador:
Donna Warchol – cpab@cdhi.org

Singapore CDHi Ambassador:
Linette Lim – linette.lim@cdhi.org

South Africa International Representative:
Amanda Dean – amanda.dean@cdhi.org

United Arab Emirates CDHi Ambassador:
Gemma Van Rillaer – gemma.vanrillaer@cdhi.org

United Kingdom CDHi Ambassadors:
Matthew Kesek – matt.kesek@cdhi.org
Jess Kesek – jessica.kesek@cdhi.org
Jacqui Taylor-Jackson – jacqui.taylorjackson@cdhi.org

Singapore CDHi Ambassador:
Linette Lim – linettelim@live.com

Alabama CDHi Ambassadors:
DeAnn Strother McGilberry – deann.mcgilberry@cdhi.org
Taylor Miles Hannah – taylor.hannah@cdhi.org


Arizona State Representative:
Nicki Young – nicki.young@cdhi.org

Arkansas State Representative:
Josh Benson – josh.benson@cdhi.org

Arkansas CDHi Ambassadors:
Heather Smith – heather.smith@cdhi.org
Ashley Leonard – ashley.leonard@cdhi.org

California State Representative:
Jake Howell – jake.howell@cdhi.org

California CDHi Ambassadors:
Rhonda Holsworth – rhonda.holsworth@cdhi.org
Rachel McKagan – rachel.mckagan@cdhi.org
Francesca Dubroy – francesca.dubroy@cdhi.org
Tessa Harrison – tessa.harrison@cdhi.org
Jacob Aptekar – jacob.aptekar@cdhi.org

Colorado State Representative:
Nicolle Colvin – nicolle.colvin@cdhi.org

Colorado CDHi Ambassadors:
Debbie Stevenson – debbie.stevenson@cdhi.org
Marissa Sanchez – marissa.sanchez@cdhi.org

Connecticut CDHi Ambassadors:
Sherri Ashburner – sherri.ashburner@cdhi.org
Reynaldo Sanchez – reynaldo.sanchez@cdhi.org

Delaware CDHi Ambassadors:
Susan Guariano – susan.guariano@cdhi.org
Roxanne Warnick – roxanne.warnick@cdhi.org

Florida CDHi Ambassadors:
Allis Czerepka – allis.czerepka@cdhi.org
Libby Matteson – libby.matteson@cdhi.org

Georgia State Representatives:
Christina Bray – christina.bray@cdhi.org
Sarah Cox- sarah.cox@cdhi.org

Georgia CDHi Ambassador:
Kimberly Passieu – kimberly.passieu@cdhi.org

Hawaii CDHi Ambassador:
Denise Lin-DeShetler – denise.lindeshetler@cdhi.org

Idaho CDHi Ambassador:
Heidi Forney – heidi.forney@cdhi.org

Illinois CDHi Ambassadors:
Mindy Doellman – mindy.doellman@cdhi.org
Rebecca Schroeder – becca.schroeder@cdhi.org
Rachel Von Hatten – rachel.vonhatten@cdhi.org

Indiana CDHi Ambassadors:
Melanie Stephic – melanie.stephic@cdhi.org
Wayne Oosterhoff – wayne.oosterhoff@cdhi.org

Iowa CDHi Ambassadors:
Nicolle Clark – nicole.tuinstraclark@gmail.com
Stacey Klinker – stacey.klinker@gmail.com
Megan Williams – meganrwilliams530@gmail.com

Kansas State Representative:
Mary Kate Brenner – marykate.brenner@cdhi.org

Kansas CDHi Ambassadors:
Diane Punch – dianepunch@gmail.com
Cassie Raney – cassie.raney@cdhi.org

Kentucky CDHi Ambassadors:
Taylor Hacker – hackertaylor@ymail.com
Brian Johnson – brian.johnson@cdhi.org

Louisiana State Representative:
Lisa Thibeau – lisa.thibeau@cdhi.org

Louisiana CDHi Ambassador:
Kristen Cochran – Kjcochran062@aol.com

Maine CDHi Ambassador:
Carly Dudley – carly.dudley@cdhi.org

Maryland CDHi Ambassadors:
Lisa Jones – ljones21215@yahoo.com
Hinda Labovitz – hinda.labovitz@cdhi.org

Massachusetts CDHi Ambassadors:
Lynn Gray – lmgray623@yahoo.com
Marie Marchesseault – mariemgracewilm@yahoo.com

Michigan CDHi Ambassadors:
Ellie Collman – ellie@thecollmans.com
Colleen Martin – Colleen.mato@gmail.com
Lauren Petersen – pettylm@yahoo.com
Leslie Sukup – Suke123@gmail.com

Minnesota State Representatives:
Mary and Ben Lundeen – mary.lundeen@cdhi.org

Mississippi CDHi Ambassadors:
Milinda Floyd – mandm.floyd@yahoo.com
Shereen Kostmayer – southernboundbookshop@gmail.com

Missouri CDHi Ambassadors:
Laura Henderson – lhendo430@gmail.com
Saman Ibrahim – samanibrahim@gmail.com

Montana State Representative:
Mandy Alcoke – mandy.alcoke@cdhi.org

Nebraska CDHi Ambassadors:
Megan Kleensang – kleenphotography@gmail.com
Taylor Steffensmeier – taylornjarecki@hotmail.com

Nevada State Representative:
Jill Gibson – jill.gibson@cdhi.org

Nevada CDHi Ambassador:
Brandi Montenegro – brandi.monenegro@cdhi.org


New Jersey CDHi Ambassadors:
Renata Casella – rcasella@vcsclaw.com
Katy Dogala – kdaceinc@rcn.com
Jackie Doell – jackie.doell@cdhi.org
Dania Diaz – daniadiaz08@gmail.com


New York State Representative:
Tracy Meyer – tracy.meyer@cdhi.org

New York CDHi Ambassador:
Khadijah Reed – Khadijah.reed3@gmail.com

North Carolina CDHi Ambassador:
Theresa Erazmus – Tlh1230@yahoo.com


Ohio CDHi Ambassador:
Andy Johnson – andy.johnson@cdhi.org

Oklahoma CDHi Ambassadors:
Kacy Hurley – kaceyhurley@yahoo.com

Oregon State Representative:
Shelly Moore – shelly.moore@cdhi.org

Oregon CDHi Ambassador:
Alicia Gilbert – ritasu20@gmail.com

Pennsylvania State Representative:
Jessica Cummings – jessica.cummings@cdhi.org

Pennsylvania CDHi Ambassadors:
Polly Leipold – prhl13@gmail.com
Cate Scharle – cate.scharle@cdhi.org
Kristina Wetzel – kned@live.com
Joy Whitesel – joywhitesel@yahoo.com


South Carolina CDHi Ambassadors:
Lynne Brogdon – lynne.brogdon@cdhi.org
James and Lisa Coleman – j_g_coleman@yahoo.com


Tennessee State Representative:
Sarah Tanner – sarah.tanner@cdhi.org

Tennessee CDHi Ambassador:
Sharon Weir – sharonweir81@outlook.com

Texas State Representative:
Kaitlyn Powers – kaytlyn.powers@cdhi.org

Texas CDHi Ambassadors:
Elza Garza – garza.elsa21@gmail.com
Christie Huff Helmke – christie.huffhelmke@cdhi.org
Ashley Leonard – ashleysahene@gmail.com
Erika Siggins – em0041@yahoo.com
Julie Lachance – julie.lachance@cdhi.org
Jessie Alderetes – jessie.alderete@cdhi.org
Tatiana Hurley – tatirayhurley@gmail.com
Christopher Cason – hearttx.cc@gmail.com

Utah CDHi Amassadors:
Hope Clyde – hope.clyde@cdhi.org
Heidi Marie Anderson – Onionscakesandparfaits@gmail.com
Melanee Spencer – Sazzeeone@yahoo.com
Monica Warren – monicawarren02@gmail.com


Virginia CDHi Ambassadors:
Kim Ashby – kim.ashby@comcast.net
Clarissa Staggs – clarihsd@yahoo.com
Lisa Baxter – lisa.baxter@cdhi.org

Washington CDHi Ambassador:
Hayden Dorner – Haydenjune@live.com


Wisconsin CDHi Ambassador:
Janel Litzner – janellitzner@yahoo.com

Wyoming State Representative:
Tracy Meats – tracy.meats@cdhi.org

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