Covid-19 Resources for CDH Parents

The following is information gathered by Sean G. Smith, CEN, CFRN, CPEN, CTRN, TCRN, CCP-C, C-NPT, C-EFM, CELBW, RNC-NIC, PCCN, CCRN, CCRNK-NEONATAO, CCRNK-PEDATRIC. Mr. Smith is an infectious disease expert specializing in NICU care, with CDH and ECMO experience.

In April, 2020 he was kind enough to speak to our patient families via our Facebook page:

People Who Need to Take Extra Precautions 

People Who Need to Take Extra Precautions –

How Hospitals are Addressing COVID-19 in the NICU –

Conquering Congenital Heart Defects Weekly COVID-19 Updates 


Parenting Links 




The Lancet

Injury Prevention 

Parenting Links 

Home Schooling InfoGraphic 

Face Masks 

Homemade FaceMasks 

Face Mask InfoGraphics  

Grocery Shopping

Eating healthy at home during CoVID19 (NOTE: Duke has an entire series, this is just one.)

Mental / Holistic Well Being 


Anxiety in Children and Young People during COVID-19

COVID-19: Psychological Impact, Wellbeing and Mental Health

27 nurses share their best tips for self-care during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cleveland Clinic Home Workouts (NOTE: They have an entire series, this is just one.)  

Caring For Someone With COVID-19 At Home  

COVID-19 @ home

Caring for someone with COVID-19 at home or in a non-healthcare setting

Home Care Cleaning InfoGraphic 

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