Featured CDHi California Ambassador Francesca Dubroy

Featured CDH International’s California Ambassador is Francesca Dubroy. Francesca is the mom to CDH survivor Francesca.

Francesca DuBroy is the manager of Claddagh Paving Corporation, and has been in construction accounting for over 13 years. She the proud mother of two beautiful, strong, and loving kids, her daughter Francesca and her son Jovanni. She has been happily married to Gabriel Garcia for 10 years. Francesca is their CDH survivor. She had a left sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia and was hospitalized for 104 days in the NICU. She was on ECMO for 14 days and has had four surgeries. She is healthy now and is a loving big sister.

Francesca pretty much enjoys anything outside including hiking, family outings, Disneyland, riding my Peloton bike, running, and mystery books. She is proud to be a volunteer for CDH families, for this has been one of her goals since she had her daughter. Francesca shared with us, “I remember when we found out about CDH we knew nothing about it. Now it is my turn to give back and support others who might need someone. Even if it is just listening or letting them know they are not alone. CHERUBS was a big help for us when we were going through the unknown of CDH.”

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