Featured CDHi Maryland Ambassador Lisa Jones

Featured CDH International’s Maryland Ambassador is Lisa Jones. Lisa is the mother to CDH angel Khalil.

Lisa Jones is a 48-year old single parent of a 11-year old daughter, Kayla, her CDH angel, Khalil (born 12/24/02 and died 2/25/03), and her bonus son, Rayvon age 16.  She works for the State of Maryland and has for the last 26 years.  Lisa is also a Direct Care Provider for individuals with mental and physical disabilities and has done this for 14 years.

Lisa lost her CDH angel in 2003 due to complications following a successful hernia repair, after coming off ECMO for three weeks.  Khalil lived his 63- days in the hospital setting and never made it home. She found CHERUBS to be so helpful to her when she was ready to talk to others who had experienced this “journey” she was on, but had not signed up for.  It helped her discover and become clear that “She Was Still a Mom.”  Her child just has wings and watches over her.  Lisa now works with families in her state and in her community assisting them on this journey. An important lesson she learned was that our stories do not need to be the same to be able to support, guide and encourage others walking this walk with CDH and all the possible outcomes of this condition.  Her desire and passion is to make sure no parent or family feels they are alone in this.

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