Featured CDHi Washington Ambassador Hayden Dorner

Featured CDH International’s Washington Ambassador is Hayden Dorner. Hayden is the mother to CDH survivor Henry.

Hayden Dorner is from Wenatchee, Washington. Her son was born with an undiagnosed RCDH, full liver and bowel in the chest. Hayden’s dream in life was to become a mom, but after she had her son, she almost didn’t get that chance. Hayden gave birth in a small town labor and delivery ward, and doctors gave Henry a 5% chance of living long enough to get to Seattle Children’s. Hayden was encouraged to hold him while he passed. Henry was on ECMO 11 days, developed bleeding in the brain, and had 4 surgeries within the first 2 weeks of life, but he’s now a happy and healthy one year old.

Before Henry, Hayden was a Preschool Teacher, she now takes care of Henry full time. Hayden is in college to get a degree in psychology to not only provide a better life for them, but also so she can offer counseling for family members of NICU babies. Counseling services in the NICU helped her so much and she wants to do that for other families. CDH taught her to enjoy the little things, accept the bad things, and to never give up hope.

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