Featured Cherub: Leah Faith Gomez

Featured cherub of the week is Leah Faith Gomez, a precious little girl who has endured multiple reherniations and a very long NICU stay.  She continues to overcome and is such is warrior.  Her mom, Noemi, had this to share about her daughter, “Leah Faith Gomez was born on December 2, 2016. We knew before she arrived that she had right sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. By my 8th month of pregnancy she was given only a 10% chance of survival. Like any other parents we were so scared and just putting our trust in God that she would be fine. We prayed like never before. On Thursday, December 1st, I was scheduled to be induced at 7pm. I walked into the hospital not knowing what to expect. I gave birth at 7 pm Friday. As soon as she  was born, Doctors took her and she was immediately intubated. I watched so scared as Dr’s worked on my baby girl. Once she was stable they wheeled her over to me where I got to hold her little fingers for about 5 minutes. Then just like that she was transferred by ambulance next door to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. She was put on ECMO on Saturday night. Later that same day they did in-room surgery for her diaphragm repair. Because her liver had enlarged so much they had to keep it outside of her body for almost 2 weeks. She then had her second surgery to close up her stomach, which they had to use a pig skin mesh in order to do that. After 14 days on ECMO she was able to come off. After 3 months she was able to be extubated. In March of 2017 ,during a random X-ray they saw that she had reherniated and had to go through another surgery. Like always she came out strong. Finally on July 7, 2017, after 218 days in the NICU she was able to go home with an NG feeding tube and oxygen. Unfortunately after 4 months of being home she reherniated again and spent 1 month in the hospital. Surgeons told us we had almost lost her and were very lucky. We knew God was and is watching over her life. We are so grateful for the Doctors, surgeons, and more than anything the nurses who have become family to us. Leah is a very strong little girl and is always so happy. We are beyond blessed.”

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