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Featured Cherub of The Week: Samuel Ashby


Featured Cherub of The Week: Samuel Ashby

Featured cherub of the week is Samuel Ashby. Sam is the son of Kim and Bruce Ashby. Kim Ashby is CDH International’s Virginia Ambassador. Kim had this to share about Samuel.

“Sam was born July 25, 1997 with undiagnosed left side CDH.  Fortunately, he was delivered via c-section and the neonatologist was in the operating room.  The doctor knew right away he was struggling to breath and intubated Sam within minutes.  Sam was stabilized over the next few days then underwent surgery on day three.  Surgery was a success and Sam breezed through the NICU stay and was released on August 7th.  He was able to come home without oxygen or any other medical interventions.

We thought we had CDH behind us until Sam was 8 months old when he re-herniated. He went though another successful surgery and PICU stay.  A year later he was hospitalized again for bowel obstruction.  The obstruction was resolved with just an NG tube placement and did not require surgery. 

CDH has not slowed him down.  Sam excelled in school, graduating high school with a 4.0 GPA. Sam was able to play sports, baseball being his favorite.  He joined Boy Scouts and earned the rank of Eagle Scout.  Sam is currently working on a Material Science Engineering degree at Virginia Tech.

Sam’s residual CDH problems are stomach pain/tightness when laying on his stomach and frequent hiccups.  Not bad given the doctors gave him a 30% change of survival at birth.”

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  1. Miss7 says:


    Came across this whilst doing more research on CDH and would like to understand more on any symptoms to look out for in terms of re-herniating and bowel obstruction in babies from your experience? We want to ensure we don’t miss these symptoms with our little one?

    Was Sam’s CDH diagnosed during pregnancy or only at birth and would you mind telling me whether the hernia was patched up via gauze or not?

    Thanks a million

    1. Tracy Meats says:

      Please join our free membership at http://www.cdhboards.org and we can get you added to our closed support group for resources or you can access the information on our forums as well. Sam’s CDH was undiagnosed and we are not sure if his repairs were with gortex or not. Reherniation and bowel obstruction symptoms vary from one child to the next. Please do join our membership and ask your questions to get good feedback from our families.

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