Featured Patient of the Week: Braxton McLeod

CDH International’s Patient of the week is CDH Survivor Braxton McLeod. Braxton’s family had this to share:

“Braxton McLeod was born June 11, 2019 weighing 7 lbs. 10 oz. He was immediately rushed to the NICU because he came out not breathing well. Can you imagine not being able to hold your baby for weeks? It is not easy being a parent to a baby, but if he is sick it is extremely difficult. Not having answers for days and weeks made it even worse.

Braxton got his first helicopter ride to his new home for the next 3 months which was Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children in Birmingham, Alabama. After many tests at Children’s Hospital, Braxton was diagnosed on July 25 with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). This was a defect that we had never heard of before. His repair surgery was August 1st. He rocked his surgery like a hero! Because he was intubated for so long and had developed an oral aversion, he also had a G-tube placed to assist with feeding.

After spending 126 days in the hospital, Braxton was finally able to go home. What a glorious day that was! CDH is different for each child, but they can thrive. It is filled with doctor visits and check-ups. However, the joy of having him home and watching him grow overrides all of that. Everyday, we are raising awareness about CDH.”

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