Featured Patient of The Week: Thomas Davis

CDH International’s featured patient of the week is Thomas Davis. He is the son of Christopher and Elizabeth Davis. Elizabeth had this to share about her son:

“Thomas was diagnosed with left sided CDH and hydrops fetalis at the 20 week ultrasound and initially given a 25% chance of surviving.  We were sent to Mass General in Boston and met with the pediatric surgery group known as ” The Dans”- Dr. Daniel Doody and Dr. Daniel Ryan.   

Thomas was born and placed on ECMO day of life #1, was on ECMO 17 days and had his repair on Day 18.  We got to hold him day 20 for the first time.  Two months later he had to have surgery for pylori stenosis and then had gastric motility issues, making it necessary to have a g-tube placed.   

Thomas was in the NICU the first 5 months of life, then we were able to come home.  He has had several more surgeries since then for undescended testicle and eye surgery, bringing his total surgeries so far to 17.  Tom has an older and younger brother.  He enjoys card and video games, reading, and Star Wars/Mandalorian.  He is besties with our cat Silva and loves to ride on Dad’s boat.  He receives PT/OT/ST at school and is supposed to start basketball this spring.”

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