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CDH International in the news
25 December, 2017

There is little consensus on optimal management for congenital diaphragmatic hernia extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (CDH ECMO) patients. Meaningful comparisons of the various approaches have been limited due to the low number of cases in institutions. In addition, the multidisciplinary reliance and rigid institutional framework of…

21 December, 2017

Vitamin A status in human fetuses with congenital diaphragmatic hernia: (Author reply to comment by Rocke AW and Clugston RD).   Read the study in its entirety here:   You can also visit our CDH Research Library at

30 August, 2017

The last annual CHERUBS Conference took place in July, 2017 in Salt Lake City Utah and was attended by over 100 people.   The next conference to be held in the United States will be in 2019 and called the CDHi Family Conference.  Location to…

07 July, 2017

CDH International is excited to participate in CHERUBS annual 2017 International CDH Conference, for families.  We look forward to presenting the CDH Research Database, discussing our collaboration with DHREAMS (who will also be in attendance), meeting with families and answering questions about the future goals…

28 June, 2017

PRESS RELEASE: For immediate release   New Organization Leads the Way in CDH Research     20 year old charity expands to raise survival rates for birth defect.   WAKE FOREST, N.C. – July 7, 2017: The Association of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research, Awareness, and…

13 April, 2016

Join the CDH Study Group, DHREAMS, CHERUBS and CDH International in the quest to find the cause and best treatments for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.   DHREAMS – CHERUBS – CDH Study Group – CDH International –