Research: Incarceration of Bochdalek hernia in an adult – case report

Rozhl Chir

. 2024;103(3):100-103.

 doi: 10.33699/PIS.2024.103.3.100-103.

V Přibáň JrP Pták


This paper presents the case of a 32-year-old female patient with acute colon incarceration in the thoracic cavity due to Bochdalek hernia. An asymptomatic right Bochdalek hernia was also discovered, which is a rare finding. The patient underwent laparotomy with reposition of the incarcerated organs and primary closure of the left-sided defect. The stenotic portion of the originally incarcerated colon was resected one year later due to the symptoms of chronic bowel problems. At present, 18 months from the first surgery, the patient’s clinical condition remains good with a positive clinical response to the secondary surgery involving resection of the stenotic colon, and the right Bochdalek hernia remains asymptomatic.

Keywords: Bochdalek hernia; diaphragmatic hernia; incarceration.

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