Research: [Thoracoscopic repair of posttraumatic phrenic hernia in 62 years after injury of the diaphragm]

Khirurgiia (Mosk)

. 2022;(2):62-66. doi: 10.17116/hirurgia202202162.

[Thoracoscopic repair of posttraumatic phrenic hernia in 62 years after injury of the diaphragm]

[Article in Russian]E B Topolnitskiy 1 2N A Shefer 2E S Marchenko 3R A Mikhed 1Affiliations expand

Abstract in English, Russian

Diagnosis of diaphragmatic injury is difficult in some cases. Symptoms of chronic posttraumatic diaphragmatic hernia are very diverse and associated with dysfunctions of the displaced abdominal organs and compression of thoracic organs. Previous blunt or open chest and abdominal trauma, as well as visible scars as a result of injury should be considered. Treatment concept assumes surgical correction of posttraumatic diaphragmatic hernia. Choice of surgical approach and type of intervention are determined individually. Despite the global trend towards minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, there are few reports on thoracoscopic correction of posttraumatic phrenic hernia. The authors report a rare case of thoracoscopic correction of posttraumatic diaphragmatic hernia in an 81-year-old man in 62 years after abdominal injury. Assuming degenerative changes in tissues and risk of defect enlargement following suture eruption, we used titanium nickelide reinforcing protectors. Video-assisted double port thoracoscopic access allowed minimally traumatic and successful correction of diaphragmatic hernia, that ensured early medical and social rehabilitation of the patient.

Keywords: diaphragmatic injury; posttraumatic diaphragmatic hernia; video-assisted thoracic surgery; videothoracoscopy.

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