Rodi Family Shares Their Story on This Week’s CDH Radio Show

Join us this week as the Rodi Family shares their story on this week’s CDH Radio Show. Jennifer and Al share their son’s journey with CDH. Joseph is a CDH survivor.

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First Time Hearing The Words CDH

Talking with Jennifer, she shares when she first heard about Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, “we learned of Joseph’s CDH diagnosis about 20 weeks gestation. We knew at 12 weeks that something was not right but at that point we did not know what. The diagnosis came as a shock and resulted in a lot of time researching, as we had never heard of CDH. We worked with a perinatal doctor to continue to monitor Joseph’s health until he was born in late August. They ensured that we were working directly with the experienced team at Children’s Hospital to ensure that once Joseph arrived, he would receive the best care possible to give him a fighting change. The pregnancy was otherwise uneventful.”

NICU Journey

Joseph is a warrior and from the day he was born he has been a fighter. “At 3 days-of-life Joseph had his first of many surgeries, his hernia repair surgery. It seemed to last many hours and was performed right there in his NICU suite where he had been since he was admitted just a few days before. Following that surgery, our Cherub Warrior Joseph would continue to fight. He bravely endured a Nissan and G-tube surgery to address severe reflux, a cardiac cath to better understand his severe pulmonary hypertension, a bronch that lead to the diagnosis of his severe tracheal malacia, and an aortic pexi on Christmas Eve to address the malacia and change his course. Joseph was discharged from the NICU on February 2, 2012,” Jennifer shared.

Life After Being Born With CDH

Asking Jennifer about Joseph’s current status after being born with CDH, she replied, “​in just a few short weeks Joseph will turn 10! A milestone like many that was never promised or guaranteed. Joseph is now a brilliant 4th grader and Weblos Scout. Joseph has overcome many medical challenges including oral aversion, sensory issues, severe reflux, a coarchtation, and developmental delay. Like many Joseph struggles to breath with just a common cold. He remains on 1/8th of a liter of oxygen while sleeping and does breathing treatments twice a day to keep his lungs strong. Joseph refuses to be defined by his birth defect and pushes through any obstacle set in his way. He is here for a reason and purpose and navigates CDH with grace – He is my hero.”

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