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Справочное руководство cdh для родителей доступно на русском языке

!The CDH Parent Reference Guide is available in Russian! В случае, если мы пропустили его через несколько месяцев, когда мы объявили об этом, PRG теперь доступен на русском языке для всех наших русскоязычных семей пациентов! In case missed it a few months when we announced it, the PRG is now available in Russian for all …


CDHi Collaborates with 1000’s of Patient Families and Doctors on New CDH Parent Reference Guide

CDH International is currently in the last stages of the production of the new CDH Parent Reference Guide. This guide was put together through various materials to update our old PRG, reviewed by the CHERUBS Parent Advisory Board. Thousands of CDH patients and families are invited to give their input on this new guide by …

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