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Make A Tax-Deductible Donation to Fight Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

Every year, 52,000 children are born with CDH. In Higher-Income Countries, 50% of these babies survive. In Lower-to-Middle-Income Countries, less than 1% survive their first week of life. Help CDH International give these children a fighting chance. Make a one-time donation in the U.S.: CDH International is a 501(c)III non-profit CDHi has a 9% overhead. …


CDH Telethon 2019 Plans Underway – How will you help?

JOIN IN THE 2019 CDH TELETHON: Donate at https://cdhawarenessshop.org/products/donate-now We want to fill all the Ambassador positions by April 19th! All 50 states and at least 30 countries! VOLUNTEER! Let us feature you!!! It’s super EASY and you will directly HELP CDH FAMILIES!!! E-mail volunteer@cdhi.org We are looking for families to interview that we have …


Current Fundraisers: Week of August 13th

Here is a list of the current Facebook fundraisers benefiting CDH International and CHERUBS: Sam’s Birthday Fundraiser (ends 8/16!) Tony’s Birthday Fundraiser Indsamling til en sag, som betyder noget for mig Michele’s Birthday Fundraiser Amy’s Birthday Fundraiser Kimberly’s Birthday Fundraiser Naja Elaine Major’s Birthday Fundraiser  Emmy’s Birthday Fundraiser Joe’s Birthday Fundraiser Chris’s Birthday Fundraiser Melanie’s Birthday …

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