The Bray Family On This Week’s CDH Radio Show

Join us this week as the Bray Family share their daughter’s journey on the CDH Radio Show, after she was diagnosed with CDH.

Tune in at 6:00 pm EST, October 14, 2021 to

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Christina Bray is our Georgia State Representative and she is very passionate about helping CDH families and raising awareness for CDH. She had this to share about her daughter’s diagnosis, “my pregnancy was overall uneventful besides extreme nausea in my first trimester. Connor’s left sided hernia was not diagnosed during our 20 week ultrasound. Delivery itself was difficult. I pushed for over 2 hours and then finally Connor was delivered but she was not oxygenating well which was evident quickly. She was intubated almost immediately thanks to the quick action of the nurses and anesthesiologist. At that point radiographs were taken which identified the hernia and she was transferred to American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, WI.”

Ryan and Christina Bray were both familiar with CDH, for this was something they both had seen in their patients, for they are both veterinarians. But, to be facing this with their child was so much serious. “Connor spent time in both the PICU (where ECMO was located if needed) and NICU with several wonderful nurses and doctors. She had surgery at 10 days of age, then, needed a chest tube shortly after surgery due to pleural effusion and continued issues oxygenating. We finally held her at 3 weeks of age. She was discharged around 6 weeks of age!” the Brays shared.

Connor recently celebrated her 5th Birthday. The Brays share, “Connor had physical issues with strength and using the left side of her body. We did physical therapy in the hospital as well as at home. She otherwise did very well with feedings and growth and is now a very healthy, active and happy five year old. We had several specialist visits over the first 2 years of life but she now only sees her pediatric surgeon yearly.”

We are thankful Christina volunteers and gives back in her daughter’s honor. Christina shares, “CDH International has provided our family with an extended CDH family that has shared the same experiences, ups and downs as we have. It has also given us a world of information that we didn’t even know existed!”

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