Trick-or-Treat for CDH

This is an easy and fun way to raise CDH Awareness and to fundraise for CDH! Especially if your child cannot eat candy but you want to participate in the festivities and help a great cause.

Trick-or-Treat for CHERUBS!

Items Needed: A costume/CDH shirt and a decorated container advertising your mission to collect coins.

Media Needed: Possibly, to raise awareness. Call your local newspapers and news to see if they are interested in this story.

What is Tax Deductible: All donations are tax deductible if a receipt is given or the donor pays with a check to have record of donation. If someone asks for a receipt, just e-mail us their name, address and the amount donated and we will get a receipt in the mail quickly. Given that you’re asking for coins, it’s rare anyone wants a receipt.

How Do I Set A Date: A great fundraiser to hold on Halloween.

Who Can Participate: All friends and family.

Order Trick-or-Treat for CDH Items in the CDH Awareness Shop at cost!

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