Walter Surgis on This Week’s CDH Radio Show

Join us this week on the CDH Radio Show, as we talk with Walter Surgis as he shares his journey with CDH. Last week we shared his daughter Emily’s journey with CDH and he joined us this week to share more about his own personal CDH journey.

Tune in at 6:00 pm EST tonight, June 22, 2021–walter.

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Walter had this to share about his CDH journey and where it started, “I was born in 1971 and at that time technology and medicine was a lot different than what they have now. When I was first born and had an x-ray done, they saw something that just wasn’t right in my chest cavity. They at first thought I had a hole in my heart. So they did some tests and they found out everything was okay with my heart. They came up with the understanding that my kidney was up in my abdomen more than it should be and they found that it was actually right up against my diaphragm. There was no reason for it. There were no tests done or anything at this time. The functionality of my kidneys and everything worked fine. I just lived an everyday life and didn’t have any issues or thought anything was wrong.”

In regards to finally having his CDH repaired, Walter shared, “on April 30th of this year, I had a surgery done. They found out that I didn’t have any diaphragm left, there was nothing to be repaired. So in order to repair, they used a piece of mesh to go in and basically secured it to my ribs to block everything from entering my chest cavity.”

Walter went on to say, “it sounds interesting because I would have wondered with the technology that they have now what it would have been like back in the time when I was born, what their strategies would have been or if there was any type of procedures they could try at that time.”

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