2022 CDH International Capital Campaign Underway

Funding Needed for Families Affected by Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

CDH International is growing, and Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research is at its most significant point in history in 2022, with new advances booming forward; however, funding and volunteer levels have taken a hit from the pandemic and struggling economy.

While the world has shut down and struggles to recover from COVID-19, approximately 144 babies have still been born with CDH every single day.  Unfortunately, 100 of those babies have not survived.  This means that during the lockdown, families have not only dealt with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia but also the horrific fear of catching the virus, of not being able to visit their child in the hospital because of restrictions, of funerals without family members being able to attend, homeschooling siblings and now, we are just getting back to “normal.”  But soaring gas prices and the current economy have placed another more significant burden on families – how do they afford to pay their regular bills, hospital bills, travel costs, and how do they choose between being at the hospital with a critically ill child or working to pay all the growing expenses?  

While our families are struggling, the charity has struggled too.  99% of our volunteer team are CDH parents, grandparents, and survivors.  The pandemic took 80% of our volunteers overburdened with illness, job loss, homeschooling, or lockdown stress.

Yet, we are growing.   The CDH Patient Registry is booming, and we are collaborating with many universities and labs, publishing and presenting.   We work with global research centers, the WHO, rare disease alliances, and more.  The future is bright for our children with so much research collaboration.   More families are joining the charity, which means more families are getting help!  But, there is more work to do!

Donate here https://go.rallyup.com/cdh

Fundraise herehttps://go.rallyup.com/c/cdhteam

Start a Fundraising Team herehttps://go.rallyup.com/c/cdhteam/Center

Your donation to our Capital Campaign will fund:

* Financial assistance grants to families

* Care packages to babies in the NICU

* Funeral assistance grants

* Research grants to institutions

* Scholarships to CDH Survivors

* CDH Conferences for Patient Families

* CDH Awareness Campaigns

* Local services for CDH families

* and so much more!

As the world’s oldest, largest, and leading Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia charity, our work is vital to these children, families, and the whole community.   The more that CDH International grows, the more we can help these families directly.   With just a 9% overhead and true transparency, our charity is run by and for CDH families.  

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