25 Years of CDH International – 1996

At just a year old, CHERUBS / CDHi was already establishing a large footprint in the patient and pediatric surgical community. We were young, determined, optimistic and that one word that supercharged our work – “parents”.

CDH Medical World News for 1996

  • First successful fetoscopic temporary tracheal occlusion for CDH was done at UCSF by Harrison and team.
  • Exit to ECMO created to help newborn patients transition from womb to ECMO.
  • Latisimus Dorsi flap first used to repair CDH.

CDH International News for 1996

  • CHERUBS becomes the first charity to attend the annual American Pediatric Surgical Association conference.
  • First newspaper article about CHERUBS is printed.
  • First natural history CDH Research Study created.
  • Medical Advisory Board established.
  • Our first computer was donated by GSK.
  • Joined the National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc (NORD).
  • Joined the Alliance of Genetic Support Groups
  • Inspirational quotes added to newsletters.
  • Grieving Parents column created.
  • 4 newsletters published

Newsletters and Publications

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