A Big Thank You to the 2nd Annual CDH Awareness Crab Crawl 5K

A Big Thank You to the 2nd Annual CDH Annual CDH Awareness Crab Crawl 5K and the Englehardt and Gentile family and friends for fundraising for CDH International in honor of Matthew Gentile and in memory of Richard Englehardt III. You are all vital to winning our fight against CDH!

On their event website, the event organizers share, “Rich and Casey Englehardt met CDH during their first pregnancy. The diagnosis at the 20 – week sonogram was the beginning of the toughest journey of Rich and Casey’s lives. Over the next few months, they took every step possible, met every specialist available, had a team of surgeons on standby, and had unwavering support from a small army of family and friends. Richard Englehardt III was born on September 27, 2016. Sadly, due to the severity of his condition, there was nothing that could be done. Richard was called to heaven a few short hours later.

Four years later, Rich’s friends and co-worker’s, Anthony and Ali Gentile were also introduced to CDH. On June 18, 2020 Ali gave birth to their son Roger Matthew. At six weeks old, Roger was taken to the Emergency Room for what his parent’s thought was indigestion. That is where their journey began. Roger was diagnosed with CDH, which had now caused his heart to move, and his lung to collapse. He was immediately placed on a ventilator and taken to the pediatric ICU. Roger had life-saving surgery the next morning. Now almost two years and countless follow up appointments later, Roger is a happy and healthy little boy, with no signs of reoccurrence thus far.

CDH has had a profound impact on the Englehardts, and the Gentiles. Although their stories are different, both families recognize the fortuitous opportunity to do something really special… For the Cherubs.”

On July 31st in Holtsville, New York, the 2nd Annual CDH Awareness Crab Crawl 5K was held.

We are so thankful for the efforts to raise awareness & funds for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia by these two amazing families. Through their generous support, this year’s event proceeds will directly benefit CDH International and keep this event going into next year! We would like to thank all the participants, sponsors and supporters for helping make this the event of the Summer for them! Stay tuned for next year’s CDH Awareness Crab Crawl 5K.

To learn more about CDH or CDH International, please visit https://cdhi.org/

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