A Big Thank You to Trekking for CDH

A Big Thank You to Trekking for CDH and the Von Hatten and Korte families and friends for fundraising for CDH International in honor of Tucker and Barrett. You are all vital to winning our fight against CDH!

This year Trekking for CDH went BIGGER and BETTER in their efforts to raise awareness & funds for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. The event started September 24th at 1pm and ran through Sunday September 25th in Pierron, Illinois. It was a 2-mile fun run and backyard and pro barbecue competition in addition to music, kids’ entertainment, food and drinks.

Through their generous support, this year’s event brought in over $30,000 that will directly benefit CDH International and keep this event going into next year! We would like to thank all the participants, sponsors and supporters for helping make this the event of the Fall for them! Stay tuned for next year’s Trekking for CDH!

To learn more about CDH or CDH International, please visit https://cdhi.org/

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