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52,560 babies every year are born with a deadly birth defect that takes part or all of their lungs. 144 each day worldwide. Only 50% of those born in high-income countries will survive Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). Only 1% in low-income countries.

CDH occurs when a baby’s diaphragm fails to form, allowing organs to enter the chest cavity and preventing lung growth. It

CDH International is a 27-year-old global non-profit started by the desperate parents of these children, searching for support, information, and a way to save future children. With only $250,000 in funding each year, this organization has moved mountains and continues to but these families need financial support and these children need research.

The past 2 years, Covid-19 and the economy have hit our charity hard. From drastically reducing donations, to causing families to not have a place to stay while in the hospital, to infecting some of our families… we are struggling to survive the pandemic and continue our work.

We realize everyone is struggling and we are asking you for your help without cost by just voting.


Registered US 501(c)III #56-1916661
Registered UK Charity no. 1189819

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