Family of Baer Brogdon on This Week’s Radio Show

Join us this week on the CDH Radio Show, as we talk with Lynne Brogdon as he shares their family’s journey with CDH after their son, Baer, was diagnosed.

Tune in at 6:00 pm EST tonight, July 20, 2021,

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Lynne had this to share about her pregnancy and Baer’s diagnosis, “Baer was my fourth pregnancy. It was uneventful. He was diagnosed at birth after breathing difficulties. He was on the way to the newborn nursery and stopped breathing. Baer was then transferred to the NICU for intubation.” She went on to add, “Baer’s CDH repair was done on day four. No patch was needed. He was home on day 28 with an NG tube. No supplemental oxygen was needed.”

Lynne shares more about Baer’s journey tonight on the radio show. “Baer is a typical teenager. He loves to be outside hanging with his friends. He does not have a lot of health problems. He has asthma, GERD and an esophageal stricture,” she shared with us on his present status. She went on to share with us Baer loves to play golf and baseball, enjoys playing video games, loves sports and muscle cars, knows about most models old and new and his favorite vacation spot is the beach.

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