Now Casting! Share Your CDH Story.

We are looking for CDH families to share their stories on the Telethon, social media and media!

Would you like to share your family’s story? Please use the information below to submit your story via the form at the bottom of this page.

We are honored to share your story and are so grateful to be a part of your journey.

Featured Photo

Please submit a photo and information via the form below. Here are example of how we feature patients:

Your Interview Video

We would love to use your interview to submit to the media, use during our telethon and/or other opportunities to raise awareness.

Please help us to create a smooth, professional video by doing the following:

  1. Setting the phone / computer / camera on a tripod or sturdy base. Please do not get someone to hold it as it will be shakey.
  2. Film in front of a solid dark colored wall or fabric. We want the focus to be on you and not your surroundings. We have green screens for those who are participating in our documentary and telethon! Please note that you need one when you submit your form below.
  3. If possible, do not wear glasses that might glare on the camera.
  4. Please avoid any background sounds such as televisions, radios, phones, animals, kids, etc.
  5. You choose who is in the video – we love whole family videos and no, we don’t expect kids to be still or quiet. That’s ok. Try to get them to try though so that people hear your story and aren’t too distracted while watching.
  6. Please wear CDH International shirts or solid colored shirts that don’t clash with your background. Please avoid wearing shirts for other charities or any shirts that have trademarked logos (sports teams, hospitals, etc). Please avoid wearing shirts with loud patterns or any patterns.
  7. Please film vertically (up and not sideways) so that you will fit the interview screen without cutting you or anyone out of frame.

Your Story:

  1. Please keep your video at least 15 minutes but under 30 minutes.
  2. Please include (and it’s ok to put up cue cards so no one will see them and you don’t forget!):
  • a. How you first learned about CDH
  • b. Birth, NICU, everything!
  • c. How it has affected your whole family
  • d. How CDH International has helped you
  • e. Why it’s so important to donate and volunteer to help families like yours.

It’s ok to cry!

It’s ok to take more than one try!

Please do NOT:

  • Bash any hospital or doctor or at least don’t name either!
  • Talk about other charities.
  • Feel self conscious at all. We are all CDH parents!

Please note that we will also use this video for the upcoming CDH Telethon in April and we may also use the video for other projects. We will also possibly pull out quotes for the press release.

We know that doing this video is not easy but you are helping so many others to not feel alone.

Featured Patient Submission Form

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