Featured CDH International Nebraska Ambassador Megan Kleensang

Featured CDH International’s Nebraska Ambassador is Megan Kleensang. Megan is the mom to CDH survivor Phoebe.

Megan is the mom to cherub Phoebe. She found out at 23 weeks that Phoebe would be born with left-sided CDH. She was born at Children’s Hospital Colorado in 2013.  Phoebe’s CDH was repaired at ten days old. She spent eight weeks in the NICU and went home with a g-tube. Phoebe has also been diagnosed with severe scoliosis along with a tethered spinal cord and autism. Phoebe loves school, singing, and Legos. 

Megan is married to her husband, Aaron, and they have another daughter, older sister Penelope. Megan is a Parent Resource Coordinator and enjoys spending time with her family, bike riding, going on walks, and traveling.

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