Research: Bochdalek Hernia in an Adult Causing Intraoperative Complication


. 2021 Sep 16;13(9):e18010. doi: 10.7759/cureus.18010. eCollection 2021 Sep.

Bochdalek Hernia in an Adult Causing Intraoperative Complication

Kalvin Zee 1Ashna Haque 1Conor Kelly 1Affiliations expand

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Bochdalek hernias are rarely diagnosed in adults and account for 0.17-6% of all diaphragmatic hernias. It is a congenital diaphragmatic hernia caused by a defect in the posterior attachment of the diaphragm due to a failure of the pleuroperitoneal membrane closure in utero. This may rarely cause chest pain, respiratory symptoms, or gastrointestinal symptoms. In this study, we present a case of a laparoscopic paraesophageal repair via Nissen fundoplication. The incidental finding and subsequent repair of a Bochdalek hernia during this case may have resulted in complications of the surgery including pneumothorax due to the defect in the pleuroperitoneal membrane.

Keywords: bochdalek hernia; nissen fundoplication; paraesophaegal hernia; pleuroperitoneal membrane; pneumothorax.

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