Featured CDH International Singapore Ambassador: Linette Lim

Featured CDH International’s Singapore Amassadore is Linette Lim. Linette is the mom to cherub Sherman.

Linette is from Singapore and is currently a full-time homemaker. She received a First-class Honours in Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Sciences) from Queen Mary, University of London. Her plans to pursue postgraduate medicine has been shelved as she is currently the primary caregiver of Sherman. 

Linette is married to her childhood sweetheart, Sebestian, and they are blessed with two beautiful boys who are 16 months apart. Their second born child, Sherman, was diagnosed with RCDH during their 19th week gestation anatomy scan. It has been a tough and arduous journey for the couple right from the start as there was minimal support in the country for this diagnosis. Apart from having to stand up against doctors who actively pushed for a termination of pregnancy, the hospitals there also had minimal experience in dealing with RCDH due to the high rates of abortion given such a diagnosis. Linette and her husband had no choice but to explore other alternatives abroad. Unfortunately, while plans were being finalized for the family to relocate closer to the last trimester of pregnancy, Linette was faced with the threat of preterm labour, making their travel plans non-viable. 

Fast-forward to today, Sherman is now a happy and active toddler who turned 2 in June 2019. Doctors had originally given him less than 5% survival chance based on the severity of his condition, but this strong warrior has gone against all odds to prove his doctors wrong.

Sherman is indeed the family’s pride and joy, and they are more than happy to share with other CDH families about their journey thus far.

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