Featured CDHi Bermuda Ambassador Sandra Vance

Featured CDH International Bermuda Ambassador is Sandra Vance. Sandra is the mom to CDH survivor Trey.

Sandra Richards-Vance is an insurance executive that lives in the Islands of Bermuda and is the mother of surviving cherub Trey Lamont Vance.  Trey was born with an undiagnosed right sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH).  Although CDH is fairly common in the United States, there are very few reported cases in Bermuda and Trey’s pediatrician was aware of only one other case in Bermuda at the time of Trey’s birth in 2004.  Because the condition is very rare in Bermuda, Trey was airlifted to Boston Children’s Hospital for treatment and care at birth because there aren’t experts in Bermuda to deal with CDH.  Bermuda does not have a medivac service on island, therefore in instances of need one must be summoned by the insurance company and this took a total of 8 hours before it reached Bermuda to transport Trey. Thankfully, Trey was stable despite his CDH and his liver and intestines being in his chest resting on his lungs.  Trey is a true blessing to his family and is named after one of his cousins who died at a very young age.  Trey is a healthy and happy 15, soon to be 16 year old.  Sandra is active within the CDH organization by being an Ambassador and is aware of only 2 other children with this condition in Bermuda being born after Trey.

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