Featured CDHi Georgia Ambassador Kimberly Passieu

Featured CDH International’s Georgia Ambassador is Kimberly Passieu. Kimberly is the grandma to CDH survivor Brady.

Kimberly is the paternal grandmother of CDH survivor Brady Passieu, born October 13, 2010.  Their family found Cherubs a day or so before Brady was born.  Her son and her have been members ever since.  

Brady was born with his stomach, intestines and spleen in his chest.  On day 5 he had repair surgery.  Due to complications, he had another surgery.  Again, more complications appeared and his intestines were punctured during a colonoscopy.  He spent a total of 65 days in NICU.  At 3 months a g-tube was placed because he had failure to thrive.  He removed it himself around age 2. In 2015, Brady spent a total of 11 weeks in the hospital after a 9 hour surgery for a bowel obstruction.  At that time another g-tube was placed.  He had 3 feeds a day and overnight.  Her son worked weekends, so on his weekend Kimberly and her husband would drive from Georgia to VA every other weekend for nine months to care for Brady until he no longer worked weekends. They have made that 12 hour drive every month since November 2012 to be a part of their brave grandson’s life. 

Kimberly’s hobbies include bird watching in her garden, sewing, quilting, and genealogy.  For the past several years she has embroidered bibs for the Cherubs tote bag project. 

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