Featured CDHi United Kingdom Ambassador Matt Kesek

Featured CDH International’s United Kingdom Ambassador is Matt Kesek. Matt is the dad to CDH survivor Hugo.

Matt is married to Jess and is from London. He is the Dad to cherub Hugo and his identical twin brother Theo. Matt and Jess found out at the 16 week scan that Hugo would be born with left-sided CDH. He was born more than 7 weeks prematurely at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, London on 15 March 2018. Hugo’s CDH was repaired at four days old and he spent seven weeks in hospital. At six months old he spent another week in hospital due to scar tissue blockage in his bowel as a result of his CDH repair which required further surgery. Hugo has struggled to put on weight since birth despite a special high calorie diet and as a result is extremely susceptible to illnesses and viruses. He has had many emergency trips to hospital and longer stays for bronchiolitis and pneumonia. He also has a curvature of the spine for which he is due to see a specialist shortly. Hugo enjoys watching Hey Duggee, playing and trying to keep his toys away from his brother!

Matt works as an accountant in London, enjoys watching football, playing golf, hiking and spending time with the boys.

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