Featured Cherub: David Siler

Featured Cherub of the week is cherub David Siler.  David is the son of Hope and Dalan and is the big brother to 3 siblings. David lived for 5 days here on earth and is forever in our hearts.  Both Hope and Dalan have done so much to raise awareness for CDH and this week we are doing something different for awareness.  In remembrance of David’s 6th birthday and angel anniversary this month (9/9 to 9/14), his mom Hope put together a video of his life and to raise CDH Awareness.

A message from Hope, “The loss of a child is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I miss him every day and with every fiber of my being.  Today I uploaded the story of my first son David for his 6th birthday on the 9th. I wanted to have his story documented, and also to be able to bring awareness to CDH and hopefully help someone who can relate in some way. Advised it is LONG (so grab a snack and some tissues) there are images of him in the beginning as well.”


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