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Featured Cherub: Ellington McLaine Stringer


Featured Cherub: Ellington McLaine Stringer

Featured cherub of the week is Ellington McLaine Stringer.  She is the infant daughter of Bryce and Elizabeth Stringer.  She passed peacefully in the loving arms of her parents on January 21, 2018.  Elizabeth recently posted the story of their CDH daughter to our Facebook support group with this message, “I hope it can bring some hope to the hurting.”

Ellington is so loved by her parents and three older siblings and is a beautiful gift to all that love her.

From Zach Elkins Productions, “Bryce and Elizabeth Stringer’s story is not an easy one to hear. In fact, it will probably leave you in tears. It is a story of two parents’ love for their children and how they would go to the ends of the earth for them. It is a story of their hope and maybe it’s unconventional but it is this hope that has kept them going and keeps them together.”  Please take the time to watch Ellington’s story and may it bring much awareness to CDH and hope to others going through a difficult time.


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