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Featured Cherub: Jasmine Grace Cox


Featured Cherub: Jasmine Grace Cox

Today’s featured cherub is Jasmine Grace Cox. Jasmine in the daughter of our TX State Representative, Sarah Cox.

Sarah had this to share about her precious daughter, “My name is Sarah and my fertility journey has not been easy in any way.  I have PCOS, so I have irregular cycles.  It took about two years of trying and meeting with an infertility doctor to get pregnant with my son.  I got pregnant the cycle after a failed treatment.  That pregnancy went perfectly and he is now 4.5.  We started trying for our second baby and met the same obstacle of my irregular cycles.  I had a chemical pregnancy during that time.  We did a round of fertility treatments and I did get pregnant, but miscarried.  It was the miscarriage that would never end as my levels went down, then randomly started going back up, so I had to have a shot of methotrexate.  We then had to wait 3 months because of that shot and did another round of treatment.  I ended up getting pregnant with our angel daughter the cycle after this treatment one.  Everything was fine until our 13 week NT scan, which I saw an MFM for. This is where they found that she had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH).  We were devastated.  The MFM was very bleak and said there was only a 50% survival rate and those that did survive often had a lot of issues.  She said that CDH can often be linked to other issues and suggested an amnio, but I declined.

I ended up doing a lot of research online and found a specialist in Florida who had great success with CDH.  We met with him right after Christmas of 2017 and had all kinds of testing done.  He gave us a 95% chance that she would survive.  Right after we left, he called us back in there and said that he had just heard from the doctor who reviewed the MRI and that the lung tissue didn’t look normal and there was some fluid around one of the lungs.  So he highly suggested we do the amnio.  We went back home and I had the amnio done.  They found that she had mosaic trisomy 15.  Something that is very rare and there was no information really online.  We kept being monitored and the fluid levels around the lung weren’t changing, so we were still hopeful and still planned to relocate to Florida to deliver.  Then at 32 weeks, I basically stopped feeling her move overnight.  We went in for our scheduled appointment and she had developed hydrops.

I frantically called the doctor in FL for answers and what to do and he took three days to call me back just to tell me that they couldn’t help me and he wouldn’t take any drastic measures to save her.  I immediately started looking for another place that could help us, that would try to help us at least.  We had appointments in Houston for the following Monday and they suggested because of the decreased movement to go in for a movement check.  We went to the hospital Saturday after my son’s birthday party and my heart rate was through the roof.  I just knew she was gone before we even got the confirmation.  I was then induced and delivered my daughter on March 11, 2018.”

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